Steve Lacy is an incredible musician with an interesting story. Forgive me for sharing this so late in the game. If you’ve already had the opportunity to listen to him, I envy you as I only discovered him the other day. Steve is a member of the band, The Internet, who is affiliated with Odd Future. For a little background, Steve Lacy went to high school and became friends with the younger brother of bassist virtuoso Thundercat. From there he met the Internet and really got his big break. Stave LAcy recently came out with his solo debut, “Steve Lacy’s Demo.” It is recorded almost entirely on an iPhone….I know right. If you’ve got 18 minutes, you should really listen to it, as every song is superb in it’s own way. If you don’t have that amount of time, check out the single, “Dark Red.” It is such a mature song from someone so young (Steve Lacy is like 17 years old!). It’s got such a chill vibe from the drum and guitars swimming around the bass line in the chorus next to Steve’s emotive vocals. The melodies and vocal tracks pieced together make for what I think is a perfect song. Give it a listen and tell me if you’re not trying to listen to way more Steve Lacy.