Every now and then you gotta put some slow jams on to mellow out or maybe do some extracurriculars with your bae. Classic slow jams are always the go to, but what about something new and fresh? I found this band LEISURE last year with the song “All Over You,” a funky, silky smooth slow jam that just melts the room when you play it. So it’s no surprise that LEISURE is back with a sexy new jam in “Alone Together.”

We all are looking for a heart to steal
We all are guided by the way we feel
Im not saying I am the one you want
but i can promise you that tonight I’ll be yours

It’s got all the hallmarks of a slow jam like funky bass, that silky reggae style electric guitar, some super dreamy synths and even a sultry sax solo to close it out. The vocals are on point for this genre, maintaining that low profile in the verse but soaring into a nice falsetto during the chorus. LEISURE is yet another band breaking out from New Zealand and we’re definitely excited to see what comes next.