I still get down to songs like, “The General,” “Prince of Spades,” “Bang Bang,” from Dispatch so I was elated to see a new album from them. I put Dispatch in a category of bands that you can play for anyone, any occasion and have a killer time. I think the power of music in general is under estimated sometimes. Having the right tunage can make or break the moment. It’s so key to have that menagerie of playlists including different genres for whatever the times are going to call for.

When you need songs that anyone can listen to, that’s where “Begin Again,” the standout for me on Dispatch’s new album comes in. The bright acoustics and mandolin on this track give you the good feels, similar to a “Send Me on My Way,” Rusted Root vibe. You really can’t go wrong ever with Dispatch, so I recommend the whole album, but if you’re looking for one to draw you in to their new stuff, it’s “Begin Again.” The contribution of the horns that chime in at the climax of this song doesn’t hurt for livening up the mood either.