Fyfe’s latest album The Space Between is a fantastic effort that leaves you wowed and wanting more. “Belong,” featuring the vocal talents of Kimbra, is the cherry on top of this modern and jazzy collection of songs. I think we all know by now that any song Kimbra touches is gold, but Fyfe, an extremely talented singer on his own, is the perfect match for a duet with the Kiwi vocalist. The music is subtle and rooted in jazz bass lines and light guitar chords. And while both singers shine in their respective verses, it’s when they come together to harmonize during the chorus thatI really fell in love.

I want to belong
(Don’t you know we’re physical and we’re spiritual?)
I’m tired of being a stranger to myself
(I’m tired of all the hotel rooms waiting up for you)
I want to belong
(So let’s turn around from this ‘cause I’m tired of this but I won’t give up)
(Let’s give ourselves a chance together, we can make it last forever)

Definitely give the entire album a chance, it’s more than deserving of it. And, be sure to give “Belong” a couple listens on its own while you’re at it.