London indie pop band Thumpers sophomore album Whipped & Glazed is out today and it is an album well worth listening to in its entirety. However, there’s a song on here that sticks out like a sore thumb called “Caramel.” Much like “Unkinder” on their debut album Galore, it relies on infectious rhythm carried almost entirely by the masterful percussion work. Whereas Thumpers’ songs are usually more upbeat and cheerful, “Carmel” has a much deeper and emotional feel to it.

I’m pouring on you
I’ll take a sweeter time, if it ruins me
Oh remember us when we made it smooth
Avalanche of words to say bring us back again

It’s a song about going back to an ex-lover despite knowing how painful it is every time. I really love the caramel metaphor, it’s such a fun way to describe that awkward and painful feeling of not being able to let go. Everything about this band has this warm and comfortable feel, from lead singer Marcus Pepperell’s voice to the guitar and bass. It’s no wonder that super-label Sub Pop signed these guys before they released any albums. Seriously though, you must check out their newest effort as well as their debut album.