It’s been four years since we were graced with King Krule’s first LP 6 Feet Beneath the Moon. Since then he’s done work under his given name, Archy Marshall, that was heavily electronic and new wave. He’s had guest appearances on tracks, mostly rapping, with Mount Kimbie and Ratking, but he’s remained as mysterious as ever. We finally have our first taste of the progression of King Krule in “Czech One.”

She grips me tight, she grips me tight
But I still rip at the seams
I can’t sleep at night, never slept at night
But she still sits in my dreams
I’m out of sight, so out of sight
But she sees what I see, she’s watching me

It’s a moody, jazzy lounge jam revolving around his mostly spoken word vocals. The lyrics, as always, are descriptive and deep. There’s a subtle female backing vocal that gives the song a bit of intimacy. He’s able to retain that somber, brooding feel that you’re used to hearing from him, but this is a much more mature song with multiple layers and tracks. We’re really looking forward to hearing some more from the more mature King Krule.