Yumi Zouma has been my go to for chill, indie pop/rock for the last couple years. Their music takes on that soft rock 90s vibe without being cheesy or over-glitzy. They’ve got a new album coming out at the beginning of October and their first couple of singles have been solid. Their newest, “Depths (pt. 1),” is a short and simple jam that’s got great rhythm, using soft bass and backing beats. Some jazzy guitar riffs are placed throughout the song, a signature of Yumi Zouma that’s the perfect compliment to their light and airy vocals. Lead singer┬áChristie Simpson is flawless as usual throughout the track and is backed up beautifully by her bandmates during the chorus. Be sure to check out their first single “December,” as well. Willowbank comes out on October 6th on Cascine records.