Dial up is the new single off of the recently released project Nyck @ Knight from Pro Era (See Joey Badass) crew members Nyck Caution and Kirk Knight. The entire project is a killer showcasing of skills from the two rappers who appear on most of the tracks together. The latest single, “Dial Up” is what I’ve added to my playlist on repeat. The duo sing the chorus together with a kind of grimy feel and then flip back and forth Beastie Boy style on the verses.

While you’re surfing through your TV
Nyck @ Knight changing your channels
Watch them boys make it look easy
First episode can get cancelled

The verses are rapped with intensity and lyrics are chuckle worthy at times. The pair has chemistry that keeps you listening throughout the album because of the diversity between each of their flow. If you have had it with Nickelodeon, pop on some Nyck @ Knight for a few.