Dream-pop artist Noble Oak just released his third LP entitled Collapsing Together. The album is a fusion of electronic, jazz and glitzy, late-80s soft rock, and “Distance Gone” is a standout track. Combining dreamy electronic elements with a smooth jazz guitar backing, it’s a slow, floating song carried artfully by Patrick Fiore’s soft-spoken vocals.

Now with the distance gone
It’s taken me far too long
To realize what i must do.

This song sounds straight out of the soft rock radio you might’ve heard decades ago, lo-fi in a way but, back then, a cutting-edge piece of music with highly stylized electronic instrumentals. Pay super close attention as you listen and you’ll hear the intricate, free-form piano work done in the background. It’s all these small elements thattruly make this song a powerful homage to soft rock artists like The Police, Spandau Ballet and Cyndi Lauper. Collapsing Together is a fantastic album as a whole and definitely worth a listen in its entirety.