Charlotte Day Wilson has a voice that could sooth the soul of literally anyone in distress.  The Canadian R&B singer has quickly made a name for herself, most notably on her debut single “Work” and Badbadnotgood’s latest album on the track “In Your Eyes.” While previously leaning more on the jazz side, her new single “Doubt” is decidedly R&B. Each instrument provides that sultry undertone, a staple of R&B, and the backing vocals give a gospel feel that a lot of modern R&B artists are using.

As you tread and I fall like a fountain
Falling for you
Oh but what have I done?
Tell me what have I done
Ohhh ohh what have I done for your love?

The song is a bittersweet love song about not knowing what she’s done to deserve the love she’s receiving from her partner. This is Charlottes most complete song to date and a wonderful window into her soul. Super looking forward to seeing what else she has in store for us.