It’s no question that 80’s synth pop has had a huge influence on a lot of artists this decade. This is especially evident in Nite’s newest album Reborn, in which they successfully take listeners back to a decade dominated by synth pop from the likes of Tears for Fears, Duran Duran and Depeche Mode. The highlight of this album is “Dream of You,” a heavy, synth-driven track with sweeping vocals and a chorus ready for dance clubs.

I will dream of you (once again)
I’m really starting to love you

The brothers bring out some excellent harmonies throughout the album and the echoing “once again” in the chorus of this song is resounding. Nite’s lyrics aren’t the strongest and they don’t have to be because they’ve harnessed the synth and 808, utilizing some excellent tricks to make a powerful and effective dance tune. If you’re into synth pop, especially if you yearn for that 80s sound, Nite’s RebornĀ is the album for you.