I’ve been anxiously awaiting a new song from Rich Chigga and finally he has released a new banger, “Glow Like Dat.” If you don’t know Rich Chigga, I swear he’s on the come up. Rich Chigga is a YouTube/Twitter meme comedian turned gangsta rapper and the transition has been meteoric. He went from chilling out in Jakarta Indonesia to hanging with the likes of Pharrell, Diplo, and Post Malone among others. Rich’s flow is subdued and monotone but packed with punch lines and works well of the trap style beats he raps over. In, “Glow Like Dat,” he raps over a sitar like instrumental a little more sentimentally than his last hard hitting singles.

I be on my Mac Demarco shit
Break my heart then smoke a cig
Even put some cloves in it
Don’t test me because my skin ain’t thick

Rich Chigga may only be 17 but he’s a smart kind and a unique rapper. I think we have a lot more to see from him and if you like, “Glow Like Dat,” make sure you check out his other songs. No album title or date on the horizon but I can’t imagine it will be too long before we are all chanting, “Rich Chigga!”