As you’ve probably noticed, there has been radio silence on our end for a few months now. After exploring everything from writing to podcasting, we discovered a few things about how we listen to and enjoy music. Turns out, none of those ways were conducive to maintaining a blog about purely new music. Here’s what we learned:

  • The first, and biggest, thing is that most new music stinks. Of course, “stinks” is subjective but James and I don’t like to listen to music that we don’t like and the majority of the time we were doing that and struggling to think of things to say.
  • We both love to revisit music that we’ve listened to in the past and we didn’t get to do that at all when we were constantly in search of music to feature on the blog.
  • There wasn’t nearly enough time for us to really sit down and enjoy or analyze new music the way that we would have liked. For example, I initially brushed off Mac Miller’s new album but after several listens I had grown to appreciate and enjoy the offering; it’s now one of my favorite albums of the year.
  • Editing blog posts and podcasts is difficult and extremely time consuming. We both have day jobs and sure as hell don’t make any money off this blog, so going at the breakneck speed we were going at during the beginning of the year was completely unsustainable.

So, for now we’re going to sit back and enjoy the music that we may have missed earlier this year. Our hope is to be able to come back with a blog and podcast that fits in seamlessly with our listening habits and eliminates most, if not all, of the problems we encountered along the way. In the meantime, we’ll be updating this playlist with everything we’ve discovered because in the end we’ll always love to listen to and share music.