Sir Sly is a band that I’ve been keeping tabs on since their debut release in 2014 with their single, “Ghost.” If you haven’t heard it, give your ears a little early ear-day present and slip them a taste of that sweet sweet song. They will thank you and hopefully stay with you longer in life for it. Sir Sl come back 3 years later with a wicked album, “Don’t You Worry, Honey.” Its full of baby makers and party anthems but I’m only writing here today about the single, “High.” This song is one of those jams that you might show to someone for the first time and they’ll be like, “O yeah, this is a classic…” even though they’ve never heard it before. And you’re like, riiiiiiiight. It just sounds like a song that’s been around forever and you always bob your noggin to it.

“It feels good to be running from the devil, another breath and I’m up another level. It feels good to be up above the clouds. It feels good for the first time in a long time now.”

Put this bitchin song on the tape deck stat or you’re a dummy!