Is it vain to write an article pimping your own single? Yes. Am I going to do it anyway? Also, yes. But this isn’t just another article. No, this is a guide on how to listen to this beast of sci-fi, proggy, hard rock goodness. You might be asking, “But Stove, why would I need a guide to listen to your damn song?” You ignorant slut, that is a damn good question! As a purveyor of tasty licks, it’s my duty to make sure you get the most out of every delicious sonic second.

So, follow this list and you’re on your way to one of the best 6 minutes of your damn life:

  1. Put on the Sweet Aces Instrumental Lyrics Video. Trust me.

How else are you going to know the words to a song with absolutely no lyrics? That’s what I thought. You need something to help decipher this masterpiece.


  1. Buy your Star Wars tickets

Unrelated? No. This single is from a sci-fi, epic, concept album. Of course I’m riding on the coattails of Star Wars by releasing it a week before the premiere. The least I can do is send a shout out to that nice little indie flick.


  1. Slap on a pair of dryer-fresh undies

There are few joys in life as sweet as warm underwear. I want y’all to be as comfortable as possible while listening to this epic.


  1. Listen with decent headphones or in your car

No, not those phones you got in a swag bag at a business conference. This thing gots layers like an onion. I don’t want you missing out.


  1. Bring your favorite beverage along for the ride

I’m a bourbon drinking Stove myself, but I think the song is best enjoyed with some kind of refreshment. Wet dem lips.


  1. Make sure you pee first

Unless you take the song with you, then you’re solid.


  1. Listen at least a dozen times

Let’s be honest, you’ll get most of it within a few listens, but Ol’ Stove could use that sweet streaming cash to support his guitar gear addiction.


  1. Pop on your favorite sci-fi movie in the background (on mute)

I recommend something space-y (no, not like Kevin) like The Last Starfighter or Bladerunner or Star Wars. It just helps with the general ambiance. And if one the songs pulls a Dark Side with my song, I’d be totally stoked.


  1. Mark February 16th on your calendar

[Fingers crossed] I’ll be releasing the whole album that day.


  1. Share the song everywhere you can

I come to y’all a humble Stove. I put all this together on my own, so I don’t have any kind of publicity other than word of mouth. I would be eternally grateful if we could get this thing to as many ears as possible. Thanks in advance!

No matter what you do, I (the Stove) appreciate that you’re even hearing me out. For me, music is transportive. It’s the kind of escapism we need when the world is trying its best to bring you down. So next time you’re out, say “hi” to your neighbors and then pop my guitaring into your ears. I promise it’ll make things suck a little less.