Mk.Gee is bringing those stellar summer grooves with, “I Know How You Get.” Bright guitars, reverb-heavy vocals and a beat fast enough to swing your love-making hips around a little bit. This is your jam while you wait for some new Tame Impala or Mac Demarco. Mk.Gee is new to me, but I’m feeling his laid back vibes and I’m recommending him for multiple playlists right now; bedroom playlist, vibe-out playlist, having-people-over-for-drinks-on-the-patio playlist. I’m a big fan of an artist that can intrigue you within the first 15 seconds of listening. Mk.Gee is THAT dude. My favorite thing about this song is the massive solo at the end. He’s literally just going IN on it like there’s no vacancy at the hotel, but he don’t care he’s gonna be sittin’, strummin’ on the bench outside. Kick back and take a swill of this little moonbeam jammer.