So I accidentally came across this gem of a song, “In a Body Like a Grave,” by Japandroids while searching for the never ending country anthem of 2017, “Body Like a Back Road.” I know what you’re thinking…eye roll emoji. Really though, give it a chance. You can’t not start singing that song. Honestly though, this song is just as catchy. I’m not an avid listener of Japandroids but damn if I don’t get hooked on every song I’ve ever been shown by them. Something about the passion in their lyrics and strummy riffs that always keep me coming back.

“Body Like a Grave,” easily familiarizes itself with the angst of growing up and the tumultuous experiences we all have in common.

“Christ will call you out. School will deepen debt. Work will sap the soul. Hometown haunts what’s left. Love will scar the heart. Sun will burn the skin. Just the way it is and way its always been.”

The refrain has you reminiscing hard. It’s got you thinking about your family, good times, hard times, and it’s all in a body like a grave. It’s really poetic and was nostalgic for me even though I hadn’t ever heard it before. Take a listen, and tell me if you’re not holding back a tear or two by the end. This ones going on the playlist.