Listening to Wild Front for the first time, you’d think this band grew up soaking in the sun on the coast of California. Their warm, breezy vocals and shimmering guitars are reflective of warmer, more colorful environments. Then you find out they’re from the UK and suddenly you hear not the present enjoyment of an oceanside environment, but the yearning to actually be there. Their songs evoke that same feeling in its listeners by combining relaxed music with lyrics and vocals that convey sadness. This is most present in their beautiful song “In the Dirt.” The song starts out with a funk/jazz bass line accented with a bluesy guitar riff and a muted synth progression. The lyrics and the way they present them through longing vocals gives that feeling of regret or retrospection. It builds into a beautiful instrumental breakdown with the chorus getting stronger and more emphatically somber. “In the Dirt” is from their EP Physics, which is a great little collection of songs.