Flatbush Zombies are a rap trio from…Flatbush, in Brooklyn, NY, consisting of members, Zombie Juice, Meech Darko, and Eric the Architect. They’re one of my go to’s right now because of their unique flow and production from one of their own members, Eric The Architect. They’ve been on the mixtape game for a minute and hit big success with their music video to their single, Thug Waffle, which I highly recommend checking out. They also recently released a critically acclaimed album last year, 3001: A Laced Odyssey. Most of their songs feature all three members with there often quick, versatile raps but their recent single, Lava, features only Zombie Juice, which until now in my opinion was the least talented of the three. Key words, until now…

Flatbush born dead, nigga I’m a hero
And oh yeah hoes, man I got like zero
Tolerance for bullshit or ego
Took enough acid and I’m feeling like Neo

Juice really proves his worth on this song and changed my opinion of him. It’s definitely worth your time if you’re a hip hop head. If you haven’t heard any other Zombies before, make sure you also lend them an ear on another song featuring the other members. Darko’s unmistakeable voice on their other hits really is what makes them such a unique listen.