Good god, “Let me breathe for a minute man. Let me breathe.” Sometimes you just have to take a breather, especially if you’re Action Bronson, who in between cooking in the kitchen with Rachel Ray and smoking massive amounts of the good good watching Ancient Aliens with his crew, manages to write and record new fire material. You’re sure to find entertainment In Bronsolino’s new single, “Let Me Breathe” from his upcoming album Blue Chips 7000. Action Bronson is a renowned chef in and out of the kitchen and never takes himself too seriously.

“If I could just make a dance that goes with this song, then I’m a be on. Basic bitches gonna dance to it. Basic bitches everywhere gonna dance to it.”

“Let Me Breathe,” is a light hearted jam that you will have on repeat. It’s definitely a summer one that every time I hear pumps me up and makes me wanna party. He keeps the punchlines lighthearted and hilarious as usual on the hoppy beat with a catchy toy xylophone that’ll have you humming all damn day long. If you’re not familiar with Action Bronson, get familiar. You’ll probably see Bam Bam on the food network in the near future.