As a huge fan of HAIM and their first album, 2013s Days Are Gone, I was eagerly awaiting any new music from the group. We finally have our first taste of their new album in their first 3 singles, “Want You Back,” “Right Now,” and now “Little of Your Love.” For those who have heard HAIMs music, and thats probably everyone at this point, you could tell that the sky was the limit for these girls. After listening to these first three songs, and especially “Little of Your Love,” I’m not convinced that they’ve made any progress towards the “sky.” The most promising single by far is “Want You Back,” which is a nice showcase of all three girls’ talents and more of a refinement of their sound. “Little of Your Love” seems like a step back to where they were four years ago, which is not the worst thing, but after a promising young band takes 4 years to make another album, you expect that refinement, that next step, on each and every song. The same formula they used on some of their chart toppers from Days Are Gone is present except much less inspired, musically and lyrically.

Could be so easy, you make it hard
Don’t think about love too much
My love is gonna be enough

I’m still holding out hope that their new will altogether be a big step forward for HAIM but my expectations are certainly a little lower. Something to Tell You is out July 7th.