I can only classify London indie blues rock band Palaces’ incredible song “Live Well” as new music because they just released it as a single. The song first appeared at the end of 2016 on their criminally underrated and seemingly under-listened to debut album So Long Forever. I don’t even know where to begin when describing how incredibly talented this band is; from the lead singers soulful and rangy voice to the pitch-perfect percussion to the deep and powerful lead guitars, this is an extremely complete band. Which is why it is so insane to me that these guys are relatively unheard of in the states. “Live Well” is a beautiful and triumphant song that has some pristine blues progressions and guitar work. It is impossible not to sway along with the intricate rhythm and silky smooth vocals. It really is a fantastic song and it’s not even the best song on So Long Forever. Come to think of it, I can’t really name the best song because the album is so great. Listen to “Live Well” but then start the album from the beginning as you drink a beer on the porch or go on a drive with the windows open.