Somehow through nearly constant touring and recording, Local Natives co-frontman Kelcey Ayer, under the moniker Jaws of Love., found time to record a lovely album entitled Tasha Sits Close to the Piano. The highlight of the album is the song “Love Me Like I’m Gone,” a folky and breezy, yet heartbreaking, love song. Ayer ruminates morbidly about how utterly destroyed he’d be if his love were to pass, and his hopes that they’d feel the same way about him.

I’m always thinking of you
When I’m up this high
I see me at your funeral
I see you at mine
I get embarrassed and rub my eyes
This always happens every flight
I see the plane going down
Counting the seconds of my life

Its intricate guitar progressions, light percussion and concert hall piano give way to Ayer’s always powerful voice. It’s not unlike anything that Local Natives have done before, but Ayer does insert a sadder and more melancholy tone not often heard in their recent releases. Tasha is an extremely solid effort considering his Local Natives’ distractions, and you won’t find a more heartbreaking song than “Love Me Like I’m Gone.”