James Blake’s fourth album, the just released Assume Form, is a culmination and really the first intersection of his solo and production careers. No better example of this than the track “Mile High” that features Travis Scott and Metro Boomin’. As you may know, James Blake has been produced and written for some of the hottest R&B and hip hop acts most notably Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar on the Black Panther soundtrack. These were stark contrast to his erratic production and “sad boy” lyrics featured on his last several albums. In “Mile High” those two worlds collide through a classic hip hop beat by Metro Boomin that backs up Travis and James’ somber vocals. Its a very restrained, almost sleepy, effort from Travis Scott but it works incredibly well. “Mile High” is an excellent track that features James Blakes wealth of talent as a writer and a producer and its a wonder why it took so long for James Blake to have hip hop artists feature on his albums.