I’m loving this new stuff from San Mei. This four song EP is a pretty big departure from her previous work with a much bigger sound fit for arenas. Her voice carries so well through some pretty intense guitar riffs on each song. “Until You Feel Good” is the highlight on this EP for me with more of a focus on her lyrics and vocals; it’s clear that she’s supposed to be the focal point of the music. Necessary is a much needed transition from atmospheric and sometimes boring music on her previous work to high energy rock. And despite all of these songs being rock songs, theres a level of versatility here. She and her band really nail the beach rock vibe in “He Doesn’t Know,” and on “Rewind” and the title track, you hear a lot of similarities to female fronted rock bands like Wolf Alice and Paramore. Hopefully we’ll see her expand into an LP in the near future, but for now we’ll have San Mei’s Necessary EP on repeat.