So, it looks like the legendary evil supervillain MF Doom is releasing a new album via Adult Swim who’s releasing a new song a week; I’m going to try and cover them all right here on rrrepeat! MF Doom is one of my favorite rappers because he is literally a damn villain on the mic. His raps sound like a brilliant stream of consciousness from someone in a league of their own, and he truly is. The first track from Doom’s album, The Missing Notebook Rhymes, is called, “Negus,” and it’s epic. I say that because not only does it have some wicked winding flows, but that it features recently deceased rap legend, Sean Price.


Murder Death Kill

Sex money mayhem

Morning murder with the weapon steppin to the AM

Believe in me pah

The same way you believe in your god

Wheter it’s Allah, Jesus, or Master Fard


Stay tuned for the second song from the album!