Cults is most known for their upbeat, bubbly single “Go Outside” from their 2011 self-titled debut. Their sophomore effort was more of the same and if you’re a Cults fan through and through that was just fine. For others it meant that Cults fell to the side, making room for other bands to fill your ears, or whatever. Well, haters, its time to listen to Cults again because their new LP Offering kicks a ton of ass. It is a much more mature album musically and lead singer┬áMadeline Follin has reigned her incredible voice in to be more in harmony with the music rather than seemingly in a battle against. Absolutely listen to the whole album, but the showstopper here is the song “Nothing is Written.” It is unmistakably a Cults song, but theres a heavy electronic influence. It takes on elements of Beach House with glimmering, heavily distorted guitars in parts throughout the song. The chorus has this lovely vocal harmony comprised of layers of Follins voice and lyrics; little details like this exemplify the growth of Cults in this album. Other highlights for me on Offering are “Good Religion,” “Natural State” and the epic “Clear From Far Away.”