The War on Drugs is a massive piece of work. You will need to listen to this thing multiple times because of how incredibly intricate it actually is. Every song is so multi faceted it is mind blowing. It’s like you took a bit of every different piece of food on your plate and shoved it all into your mouth at the same time. So to make it a little less chewy, I’ve picked out one of my favorite songs from this BIG ASS album.

“Pain,” is such a beautiful track that makes you feel like walking on water or something crazy like that. The bells brighten it up and Adam’s smokey vocals bring it back down so it just meets pleasantly right there in the middle. The War on Drugs always does an excellent job of giving you wonderfully written lyrics but then switching it up and actually jamming on the beat for while. The electric guitar solos fuzz out like the dust bunnies dwelling under your couch cushions just came to life and are singing your name. It’s a feel good song as is the rest of the album and I highly recommend the whole album be blaring through your buds the next time you’ve got a little time to kill.