Jay Som has quickly become one of my favorite artists of the last 5 years. Led by Melina Duterte, her brand of grungy dream pop has evolved immensely but never strayed too far from her roots since the bands first album Turn Into and her breakout sophomore record Everybody Works. Her newest, Anak Ko, is Jay Soms defining work; a deeper more methodical album filled with fierce lyrical and musical prowess. One of my favorite songs on the album is “Peace Out,” a purely grunge track with menacing pace that builds to a heart-wrenching crescendo. Duterte sings of a relationship long past saving, “I’m selling myself short / Pulling teeth to make it work,” faking it until they can find a way out. This is one of the more stripped down tracks on the album musically, but her passion really makes this track one of the best on the spectacular Anak Ko.