I had never heard of Brian Marc until his first album late last year, “The Extraordinary Pleasure of Being Someone Else.” Apparently he is also an actor most notable for appearing in the Netflix Original, Luke Cage. He’s also in some indie films that have been getting some major notoriety. A lot of time these cross over artists can be written off as mediocre, but I’m really feeling this cat. He’s not your average Will Smith. Check out his latest single, “Pilot.” And if you’re feeling like I did when I heard it (like a real goon), then check out his previous album. It’s packed full of unique grooves that surprise on every track. Pilot is a spacey R&B record with some 80’s style deep synths. Marc’s voice is confident and smooth over the beat and puts you in a dang mood. I don’t know if he was an actor or a musician first, but he’s definitely got a knack for the latter. This is one to cruise to when you’re late night creepin’ fo sho.