I’m thinking this is going to be your, “Monday good feels on the way in to work,” tune. “Quiet Violet,” by Quiet Hounds has me pounding on my steering wheel like it’s the national anthem.

Let it all out
go on and breathe
its time for the quiet violet to speak
Get it all out
go on and bleed
its time we can talk civil you and me

Quiet Hounds reminding me of Alabama Shakes a little bit here mixed with some New Pornographers. Their new album, “Characteristics of Living Things,” is filled with colorful songs like this one. They aren’t just cut copy paste songs. These songs have feeling which is exemplified on Quiet Violet. You can feel emotion and the true art of what these guys are trying to do. I haven’t listened to Quiet Hounds much in the past but this song alone has me back cataloging. This is a definite repeat…