Denzel Curry is a damn spitter. On his new single, “Skywalker,” Denzel is doing more than just rapping though. His range and cadence weaves in and out of the computer-like beat behind his raspy aggressive vocals. Curry addresses his mental battle on this song and how sometimes he feels torn apart by himself internally and by others externally. It’s something most of us can relate to as we traverse this ridiculous world. Once in awhile everyone needs a song about feeling that way. A “get in your head,” aggressive song that gets your blood pumping like The Rock walking down to the cage of death saying, “UHHHHH CAN YA SMEEELLLLLLLL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN?!”

Oh, Lord, they put me on the fire
If they can’t love ya, they try and crucify ya
Took my nigga Moses and took my damn messiah
When I’m underseas, I can only hear higher

This song being released so shortly after his latest EP, “13,” is exciting as it sounds like we may not be waiting too long for another project from Denzel. Also, you’re gotta love the Jersey Shore J Woww sample right in the beginning, “OMG Ronnie!”