I’m surprised every time I listen to the young British crooner Yellow Days. In some songs its his voice that gets me. Other times its his impeccable blues guitar licks. Or the times where his lyrical prowess requires listen after listen. The dude sounds like he’s been doing this for years. “So Terrified of Your Own Mind” is perhaps the best example of his musical maturity. The song matches the otherworldly experience of fellow brit King Krule as a warm, enveloping lounge ballad.

I know you’re scared
So terrified of your own mind
But oh I would say
There’s nothing to be scared of
‘Cause you’re mine

Backed only by a sultry blues guitar progression, Yellow Days absolutely captivates with a shockingly smooth blend of vulnerable emotion and tenderness. The sky is absolutely the limit for this kid, a once in a generation vocal talent, and there is no doubt that you’ll be hearing his name more and more.