Jenn Wasners body of work sprawls over a decade in several bands and formats, most notably with indie-folk band Wye Oak. The band has an extensive catalog of diverse albums and songs that provide a modern take on classic rock bands like Kansas and Fleetwood Mac. Those influences are instantly heard on their newest track “Spiral.” That rolling bass line and clean, reverb guitar remind me of early Fleetwood song “Rhiannon.” They add a modern twist with erratic synth glistening in the background and mostly electronic percussion. Wasners voice, as always, steals the show as she belts out triumphantly “You Are Mine / This is what you wanted to know” in the starkly different chorus.”Spiral” is a great extension of their incredible 2016 album Tween and a further departure from their 2011 album Civilian that was deeply rooted in folk music.