I think the first time I heard Nvdes was while I was perusing through Old Navy looking for more clothes to add to my “blend in” wardrobe. It was a Pierce Fulton song featuring Nvdes, “Borrowed Lives.” I couldn’t get it out of my head like a ping pong ball entered my earlobe and just wouldn’t stop bouncing around. So when I saw recently Nvdes had come out with a new EP, I jumped on it. I can’t help but love this band. IMHO they write hit after hit. Every song is different and every damn one of them hits me in a different way that makes my ears gooey.

So, “Sugar,” was my number 1 pick of their ne EP, “LA NVDITĂ© Vol 1.” The whole 5 song project deserves your attention though. They are taking pages out of books new an old, Beck, The XX, Franz Ferdinand, are a few names that come to mind. The song, “Sugar,” is definitely a summer jam that will have you playing air drums in your car. It really reminds me of the song, “Cannonball,” by The Breeders, which as you better damn well know kicks heavy booty…I don’t care who ya are. The laid back vibed out vocals paired with the distorted acoustic feels sounds like you just stepped out of a summer swaphouse and are lit headed towards the next venue. It tastes like sugar.