So I got a late start on this series but now we are caught up! Better late than never, especially since the songs in this series seem like they are all going to be unbelievably legendary. “True Lightyears,” is the second song of the series and once again MF DOOM is blessing us with another feature that is one of the greats IMO. Jay Electronica is a wizard on the mic and just wreaks havoc on the first verse of this song.

Big black cheif like Robert Parish

I broke the Deputy’s neck

While Metalface shot the sheriff

Of course MF DOOM is just as fun to listen to as ever. This series honestly has me on the edge of my seat for next week after listening to these last two songs. My only qualm is I wish these songs were on Spotify so we could get them on this months playlist, because honestly I just cannot stop listening to these. Until next week!