It has been incredible to see how far TORRES has come since the release of her first LP in 2013. Her defining characteristic is her deep, sultry and emotive voice that I found so disarming when seeing her live that it took awhile to fully recover. When you match an incredible voice with truly heartfelt and thought provoking lyrics, you have the right ingredients for a true star. She’s got a new album coming out on September 9th, and the first two singles have been a really pleasant surprise. “Three Futures” is a drum machine and crunchy guitar driven song reminiscent of recent St. Vincent material. As always, TORRES’ voice shines through impeccably and lyrically I’m not entirely sure the meaning behind it, but I sense that the full album will give some context to that. To get more of sense of where TORRES has been so far musically, check out songs “Come to Terms” and “The Harshest Light”