It’s fitting that we end 2017 with a review of a song from an artist we’re extremely excited about in 2018. That artist is Kimbra and her new single Top of the World is absolute fire. She goes so hard on this song, busting into a new category of music that quite obviously works for her.

Cause I’m on top, I’m on top, I’m on top of the world
See me out, see me out with the diamonds and pearls
I’m on top, I’m on top, I’m on top of the world
Th-They can talk, they can talk, but I got the good word

I love this ferocity from Kimbra, who’s usually been confined to quirky and enthusiastic song or heart-wrenching breakup ballads. The R&B/hip-hop mix, produced in part by Skrillex, in this song is great too and the beat hits heavier and heavier until the explosive outro. This and her first single “Everybody Knows” from her upcoming album Primal Heart have us so pumped to see what Kimbra has for us in the new year.