Full disclosure: I fucking love The Districts. They are poised to be the next big thing in rock with a distinct style that borders on the edges of punk, folk and arena rock. This song, “Violet,” absolutely blew me away when I saw them in Austin last month and the recorded version is nothing short of perfect. It just sounds like they played and sang their hearts out on this recording; the music is played with conviction and their lead singer sets the song on fire belting out the chorus. The song steadily mounts until an explosive outro that blows the roof off.

What doesn’t last will get remembered
What doesn’t last is good to miss
And what doesn’t last is stuck in your throat
And what doesn’t last gets swallowed whole

This is the one that will make them huge. It’s a radio-ready song that showcases every one of their strengths. Their new album, Popular Manipulations, comes out on August 11th and you know we’ll be reviewing that one.