It’s Saturday and that (hopefully) means most of us are going to be having fun and kicking it with our goons. Speaking of goons, araabMUZIK released a new single yesterday called Wanted(feat. Nevelle Viracocha) and it is fire. If you don’t know araabMUZIK, YouTube him. You’ll be blown away by his fast fingers on the MPC; it’s unreal. This isn’t just a guy creating a song and pushing play. Check him out and you’ll understand.

Anyways, I’ll stop gushing.

This song has such a motion to it and is sure to bring some hype to your Saturday. Nevelle Viracocha is an unknown to me but is the perfect fit for the song. His falsetto blendsperfectly¬†with the beat that crescendos about midway through the song, falling down low before dropping again to finish it all out. It’s like a nice little slice of breakfast this morning. Rrrepeat that….