The Belle Game are back with a sophomore effort that is strikingly different from their debut album. Thanks to lead singer Andrea Lo’s soulful vocals, they’re able to keep that soulful R&B vibe as they inject a heavy dose of elecropop into their sound. As someone who was introduced to The Belle Game through their first single from this album “Yuh,” I can only imagine the shock some long-term fans may have felt as they listened to this song. Blues and acoustic guitars have been swapped with 808s and synths, and Lo does an incredible job adapting to this change with her booming voice.

There’s no doubt that The Belle Game is much more comfortable in this space; their music is more powerful and played with greater conviction. Lo sounds triumphant and determined in most of the songs, as opposed to a more timid, Feist-like style on previous efforts. “Bring Me” is the best example of her newfound confidence on this album as she belts out, “Bring me shame, bring me pain, fuck me the same,” over a jittery, hard hitting electronic beat. This album could almost be classified as electro-r&b due to its production and vocal progressions, with songs “Shine,” “Low,” “High,” and “Spaces” having strong The Weeknd and Little Dragon vibes.

My favorite song on this release is “Spirit,” a soaring, wistful song that lets Lo completely own the track. “Low” is a close second; it’s the most soulful song on the album that features some rap-like verses from Lo, further showcasing her incredible talent as a vocalist and lyricist. Fear/Nothing is a huge and exciting step forward for The Belle Game. It’s an album that deserves multiple listens to dissect all of the musical and lyrical nuances.