In a musical era where outstanding sophomore albums are harder to fall in love with than a Tinder date, Alex Cameron let’s you know that you can still keep your hopes high. Most of us hadn’t heard much commotion around Alex’s debut album, Jumping The Shark, released in April of 2016 – and a damn shame that is. With every song pushing catchy hooks and clever lyrics, Alex leaves you second guessing which tracks were the singles.

Now I’m king of the neighborhood
And it feels like I could
Just peel the gym pants off a single mother
But this run of good luck don’t got me feeling all that good

It’s not often an artist can really catch you off guard with their lyrics. Forced Witness, in line with his first album, frequently presents some lyrical tongue-in-cheek poetry, detailing character-focused stories. The brutes and dames of these tales exhibit feelings of inflated self-worth to love soaked self-realizations. All this finesse is wrapped up in the nostalgic familiarity of early 90s, Bruce Springsteen-era, FM radio, ballad rock. If by the end of this album you aren’t searching through his tour dates, make your way over to his music videos and marvel at the dance moves – Alex Cameron was created for the lime light.