New Music - April 13, 2018

Tonight – Holiday Mountain

From here in Austin, Texas rises Holiday Mountain, an electronic duo with a distinct sound not far removed from the likes of Santigold and MGMT. Their new album Miles and Miles is a huge step forward for the group and the song “Tonight” might be…

New Music - April 8, 2018

Love Like Waves – Friendly Fires

We usually don’t cover more popular artists on here but we’re going to make an exception for Friendly Fires. After taking a nearly 7 year hiatus, the brit pop group is back with the infectiously dancy “Love Like Waves.” Carrying over some tropical elements from…

If you can get past one of the most absurd names for an artist we’ve ever seen, you’ll probably be floored by what you hear. This British female duo makes a uniquely cheery yet dark flavor of electro-pop exemplified in their new single “Falling Into…

New Music - December 31, 2017

Top of the World – Kimbra

It’s fitting that we end 2017 with a review of a song from an artist we’re extremely excited about in 2018. That artist is Kimbra and her new single Top of the World is absolute fire. She goes so hard on this song, busting into…

Reviews - December 15, 2017

Pop 2 – Charli XCX

Charli XCX is, in my opinion, the most underrated pop star in the game right now. Sure, she has plenty of plays on Spotify and has opened for some huge acts, but she continually goes under the radar. How often do you hear her name in the every day conversations of pop music fans? Or on the radio? Or in commercials or TV Shows? Rarely.

Throwback - October 11, 2017

Zero – Chela

With this song, and in what little Chela has released, you can tell that her songs seem to speak from her heart and her experiences. As a listener I feel close to Chela; whether that be because of her direct lyrics or spot on production, theres a palpable intimacy to her music.

Reviews - September 8, 2017

Forced Witness – Alex Cameron

It’s not often an artist can really catch you off guard with their lyrics. Forced Witness frequently, and in line with his first album, presents some lyrical tongue-in-cheek poetry detailing character focused stories.

New Music - August 21, 2017

In & Out – Moon King

Arbutus records, home of some rrrepeat favorites like TOPS and Grimes, recently signed dream pop artist Moon King to their label. It’s a pretty perfect fit for both, as Moon King’s chill, funky, lo-fi style of music is the perfect compliment to Arbutus’ catalog. This…

New Music - August 3, 2017

Dream of You – Nite

It’s no question that 80’s synth pop has had a huge influence on a lot of artists this decade. This is especially evident in Nite’s newest album Reborn, in which they successfully take listeners back to a decade dominated by synth pop from the likes…