New Music - October 6, 2017

Spiral – Wye Oak

They add a modern twist with erratic synth glistening in the background and mostly electronic percussion. Wasner’s voice, as always, steals the show as she belts out triumphantly “You Are Mine / This is what you wanted to know” in the starkly different chorus.

The highlight of the album is the song “Love Me Like I’m Gone,” a folky and breezy, yet heartbreaking, love song. Ayer ruminates morbidly about how utterly destroyed he’d be if his love were to pass, and his hopes that they’d feel the same way about him.

Reviews - September 15, 2017

Communicating – Hundred Waters

While always carrying that electro-folk genre on their shoulders, they certainly were more on the folk side of things before Skrillex recruited them on his OWSLA label. This album is miles away from their folky origins and, to great surprise, it really works.

New Music - September 8, 2017

Untitled – Mas Ysa

Untitled is an expansion of these strange but awesome sounding mash of genres and, more broadly, his artistic approach to music.

Reviews - August 24, 2017

Painted Ruins – Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear is one of those groups that just can’t be compared. They are impeccably talented, sometimes almost too much so, sending chills down your bones with their instrumentation and vocal arrangements. They recently released their first album since 2012 and it is truly a…