New Music - November 15, 2017

Doubt – Charlotte Day Wilson

While previously leaning more on the jazz side, her new single “Doubt” is decidedly R&B. Each instrument provides that sultry undertone, a staple of R&B, and the backing vocals give a gospel feel that a lot of modern R&B artists are using.

New Music - August 29, 2017

Provider – Frank Ocean

Ol’ Franky hit us with some smoothness earlier this week with a new single called, “Provider,” and damn it is smooth. This has gotta be one of my favorite Frank Ocean jams in awhile. Frank is almost rapping here and really taking it back to…

New Music - August 20, 2017

Not Mine – Miquela

I thought I would share this little wonderful discovery, “Not Mine,” from Miquela. If you’ve got a nice summer pool day going on this Sunday, this might be your jam. This songs got the chill guitar vibes with a hip hop beat. Miquela raps over…

New Music - August 2, 2017

Cooks – Still Woozy

I literally tripped upon this little chiller “Cooks,” from Still Woozy just the other day and it’s been running through my mind ever since. What a tight little groove this band I’ve never heard of has going on. It’s almost like a little fungus sound…