New Music - March 21, 2018

Love Me Right – Amber Mark

Using the perfect combination of silky beats and piano, Amber Mark has produced about as good of a modern R&B song as you can get with “Love Me Right.” The vocals and vocal backing are exceptional throughout the song; the chorus features a sultry backing…

New Music - February 26, 2018

Short Court Style – Natalie Prass

Short Court Style” is the first single from the album and its as charming as you’d expect. What sets this apart from her previous work is its soulfulness; theres some hip hop influences in the beat and her voice is stronger than ever, gracefully handling the songs faster pace.

New Music - December 17, 2017

Major Love – Bipolar Sunshine

Bipolar Sunshine’s radio friendly mix of R&B and dance isn’t anything new, but its refreshing when done right. “Major Love,” the newest single from Manchesters Adio Marchant, doubles down on both genres for and especially rich song.

New Music - November 15, 2017

Doubt – Charlotte Day Wilson

While previously leaning more on the jazz side, her new single “Doubt” is decidedly R&B. Each instrument provides that sultry undertone, a staple of R&B, and the backing vocals give a gospel feel that a lot of modern R&B artists are using.

New Music - August 31, 2017

Jocelyn Flores – XXXTENTACION

So I started listening to the debut album, “17” from XXXTENTACION with extremely low expectations. I was completely wrong about what I was getting into. I intended just to dip my toes in to the new music of this artist who I have heard quite…

New Music - August 29, 2017

Provider – Frank Ocean

Ol’ Franky hit us with some smoothness earlier this week with a new single called, “Provider,” and damn it is smooth. This has gotta be one of my favorite Frank Ocean jams in awhile. Frank is almost rapping here and really taking it back to…

“Sky Walker,” is the new single from Miguel and its hitting me like a good day. Miguel’s luscious r&b vibes are undeniable and although I’ve been sleeping on his latest work, I feel like this song is a breath of fresh air. Maybe it’s because…

New Music - August 23, 2017

Dark Red – Steve Lacy

Steve Lacy is an incredible musician with an interesting story. Forgive me for sharing this so late in the game. If you’ve already had the opportunity to listen to him, I envy you as I only discovered him the other day. Steve is a member…

New Music - August 20, 2017

Not Mine – Miquela

I thought I would share this little wonderful discovery, “Not Mine,” from Miquela. If you’ve got a nice summer pool day going on this Sunday, this might be your jam. This songs got the chill guitar vibes with a hip hop beat. Miquela raps over…