Integral to rrrepeat is our appreciation of the music our favorite artists made before or while they were breaking out. The first rrrepeat throwback is, in my opinion, Kendrick Lamar’s best song, A.D.H.D. Based on Kendrick’s incredible catalog of music so far, its hard to believe that he’s only been in the LP game for around 8 years. His breakout album Section.80 came out in 2011 and ushered in a new era of storytelling hip hop. A.D.H.D is such a powerful song lyrically; an all encompassing ode to growing up in a generation plagued by drug abuse.

I’m in the house party, trippin’ off
My generation sippin’ cough syrup like it’s water
Never no pancakes in the kitchen
Man, not one of our lives is caught up
In the daily superstition that the world is ’bout to end
Who gives a fuck? We never do listen

For better or for worse, this environment is what made Kendrick who he is today. A.D.H.D is all at once a song to drink and smoke to and a song to contemplate and reflect on. Excellent sampling and production by Sounwave make the perfect backdrop for Kendrick’s rhymes. To me this is the quintessential Kendrick Lamar song, and was my gateway into his music.