I can’t remember how I found this song or artist, Ivy Sole, but I just discovered them. I’ve been jamming it like it’s been a new release daily… but it is not. It’s from 2016. I was going to instead write about something recent from her, however, this website is called repeat and this is the damn jam I have had on repeat errrrrrday. Ivy Sole is a true gem of a rapper. Her take on rap is refreshing because she not only is talented but doesn’t really use her femininity as a reason for you to listen. She doesn’t succumb to what many female artists do in the hip hop genre which is that sex sells/Nick Minaj type of approach. Ivy Sole proves you don’t have to do that AND you don’t have to listen to Nicki Minaj to find a female rapper. Nor should you!

Anyways, this track, “All Mine,” is addicting. One of the reasons I love it is the beat samples the epic “Out Getting Ribs,” by King Krule and transforms it into a spacey hip hop beat. Ivy Sole’s confidence about killing this shit also stands out:

I ain’t cocky, I heard confidence is key
Busting doors up off the hinges with the weight of my speech
Just wait & you’ll see
Ain’t no second coming of Lauryn
I got bigger hills to climb, no disrespect but it’s my time

If you like this song, you’ll probably like more from her, however, this be the jam I have on rrrepeat.