Chela is finally back with a fun, introspective song entitled “Bad Habit” and you should definitely listen to it. However, lets revisit the Chela song that first caught my attention way back in 2014 called “Zero.” First thing you’ll notice about anything Chela is her incredibly soulful, deep and emotive voice. Think along the lines of Little Dragons Yukimi Nagano or Kimbra. Her voice fits in cozily with her strong songwriting skills. “Zero” is about maybe diving into something way too quickly and being afraid of “going back to zero” if she fails. With this song, and in what little Chela has released, you can tell that her songs seem to speak from her heart and her experiences. As a listener I feel close to Chela; whether that be because of her direct lyrics or spot on production, theres a palpable intimacy to her music. Chela is also incredibly dynamic genre-wise, as well. She has dancier tracks in “Handful of Gold” and “Romanticize” and her earlier stuff like “Vegas Nights” and “Guts” is more indie-pop.  She’s working on her debut EP now which maybe possibly means we’ll see it by years end. Fingers crossed.