New Music - June 9, 2017

Rain Come Down – Vince Staples

“Rain Come Down” is the newest single off Vince’s Big Fish Theory coming out in a couple weeks on June 23rd. Unlike banger “Big Fish,” this track hits much hard with beats from newcomer Zach Sekoff. I run North Side of the beach Run these streets like…

Reviews - June 9, 2017

Routines – Hoops

Following in the footsteps of great bands and trying to maintain your own originality is quite possibly the toughest part about being in a band. Any great band is full of musicians who are influenced by those who made music before them. You can only…

Reviews - June 8, 2017

Witness – Benjamin Booker

Benjamin Booker. Wow. Done. End of review. It’s not enough to just pick a song or two off this new project Witness from Benjamin Booker. It’s an album that I found myself continuously going back to, putting on in the background, showing to my friends,…

New Music - June 5, 2017

Lay Down – Touch Sensitive

By now you should be familiar with Future Classic. The label harbors some of the best in electronic music today like Flume, Classixx and Flight Facilities. Touch Sensitive has singles few and far between, but they deserve a place right next those wider known artists….

New Music - June 4, 2017

Appreciation – Terror Jr

I’ve been listening to Terror Jr. for a minute now and am excited to see them releasing new music. If you haven’t heard of them yet, they are, in my opinion, who a lot of the pop world is currently trying to emulate. In fact,…

New Music - May 31, 2017

That Thing – Hazel English

It’s hard to pick a favorite song from Hazel English’s recently released LP Just Give In / Never Going Home, but closer “That Thing” is the albums most complete song. The perfect amount of synth and guitar bop along to a lo fi drum beat that conveys just…